Does zipato have a future? / zipato a t il de l avenir ?

Jean-Michel Dupuyds shared this idea 23 months ago
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Hello, apparently in France home automation resellers no longer wish to supply the zipato box. Is there a problem?

I also observe that the firmware currently in version 1.3.61 has not been updated for at least 1 year?

I advised a friend of the zipato who unfortunately bought the eedomus box ... too bad .

thank you in advance.

Bonjour, apparemment en France les revendeurs domotique ne souhaitent plus fournir la box zipato . Y a t il un problème ?J'observe aussi que le Fimware actuellement en version 1.3.61 n'a pas été mis à jour depuis au moins 1 an ?

J'ai conseillé a un ami la zipato qui a malheureusemùent acheté la box eedomus ... dommage

par avance merci

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we would like to inform you taht Zipato controlers is possible to buy at following web shops (some of them):[zipato])

Regarding last fw version (1.3.61) it is tha last official fw version which is fully functional on V2 platform.

In the last year we were working fully on development of V3 platform so there is fw beta verison (1.3.14+) which is improved on daily basis.

One of the biggest improvments in recent time on V3 platform is integration into Google Home app -


Thank you for your answer, I am reassured :)

stole the response received from DOMADOO last week:

"Hello, Unfortunately, this box is no longer available in our catalog in fact. A very good solution that we want and win is eedomus: Regards.
Bruno Martinez Home Automation and Web Marketing Technician DOMADOO / SMARTHOME EUROPE 1691 Avenue de l'Hippodrome, 69140 Rillieux-la-Pape, France. Phone: +33 9 70 80 97 98
Nb: identical answer on ""; -> can you contact them, I remain convinced that your solution is currently the best on the market,


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