Language error = ghost translation My Language Sweden

Willard Nahlin shared this idea 22 days ago

I have problem whith Language error = ghost translation / My Language is Sweden

My rules that consist of a Name for each rule that describes what the rule should perform. There, parts of the name are changed from Swedish to an unknown language.

Likewise, parts of my emails are exchanged for a completely foreign language very strangely and have been so for some time. Sometimes I can edit to the right text but sometimes it is not possible to have Swedish characters at all, ie. ÅÄÖ åäö.

Sometimes this Ghost Translation appears in the rest of the system. and today, February 14 at 11.00 I can not sync my rules nor sync my devices. it says that 20 units are Offline.

Grateful for a competent help. mvh Willard Nahlin

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Please submit a ticket for this issue and send us screenshots so we can see what exactly is displayed.