Zipatile2 internal devices

Stefan shared this problem 20 days ago

Hello all,

I have a brand new Zipatile2. I have successfully registered on V3. unfortunately I cannot see all the internal built in devices (motion sensor, buttons, sensors, sirene etc.). I spend more then 10 hours now by deleting and repeating everything and setting to factory reset again and again. I have no idea what I do wrong.

I also don't find the zipatile2 camera, if I do an IP camera search.

Which firmware do I have to use?

How to find these internal devices?

please help me or I need to send the zipatile2 back.

thanks a lot for your support in advance

Best regards


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I have an old Zipatile V1 that I used a little while for a couple of years ago. I liked to have the tablet, and I liked the programming UI. However, at that time the Zipato services went down a couple of times per week, making the system unusable for home automation. I shelved the unit and went to another brand.

This winter I took it out of the shelf and updated it and registered it on V3. I hoped the firmware/software and online services would have matured over this time, but sadly not. The camera at least on my Zipatile V1 is not working. I struggled several hours thinking I must do it wrong/they have changed things so I must do it differently. Finally I wrote support and they told me it does not work as they must update the camera app.

Well, now two months have passed since my last communication with support regarding this, and there is still no app. No further communication from support, either.

Sadly this system is constantly in a alpha/beta production state, where important things are not working, and that have not changed over the years.