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Strange behaviors...

William Noël shared this problem 2 years ago

Hi community,

I would ask if everybody, somebody or nobody has strange behaviors. Rarely but surely.


  • Names of METERS attributes of a virtual meter who are resetted
  • Name of a devices renamed (eg. I added a Figaro button, name "Panic button". One week later I see the name is "Panic button Button")
  • Virtual switch who display ON and a rule where the condition is "if this switch is ON then...": rule not working
  • Siren turning on while alarm is disarmed (last example this morning at 8:20)

Globally, I'm not unhappy with zipabox but some strange behaviors make me uncomfortable with a full trust I should have.

Is it possible Zipato team proceed to some changes without informing customers?

I'm really interested by all your comments.



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Yes, that sounds familiar. However, only under V3. Under no circumstances should you use the Sync button on the left side under V3 in the desktop version, then this is exactly what happens.

Also, you are not allowed to change any settings on the server under V3 in the desktop version. If you want to change the restart time and secure inclusion on or off, always use the mobile app.

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