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why so expensive?

Mixail Sidorov shared this idea 2 years ago

have you changed licensing? I correctly understood that now I have to pay for any sneeze? it turns out I have to pay 3 times more than when I planned and purchased this device? I did not expect such a setup. I will try to replace all your devices and deploy a smart home on competitors. it looks like cheating the buyer. buy an expensive device and then pay for every sneeze

the inability to purchase a certain number of credits indicates the manufacturer's greed. very disappointed. I planned to make an apartment and a house on your controller, now I am sure that I will dissuade everyone from your devices.

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Basic functionalities that are most commonly used are tailored to be free of charge. Most of the advanced features are a one time payment , exception being the Backup service for instance, which is a yearly subscription. If you decided on a different brand then I don't see how we can help you further.

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I am answering your letter that you sent me by mail. I bought your equipment. now - I'm sorry. as elsewhere, greed began to win you. it would be better to do it on a tablet, it would be cheaper than buying a tablet of a weak configuration for a lot of money and then paying for any desires.

I am very disappointed. this is the last project on your equipment.

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