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slowness of the zipatile v1

Moratti shared this idea 2 years ago


Since i moved on to the v3 app and environment, the local app on the zipatile itself is almost impossible to use.

As the master cloud is offline, I had to play with what I've got, but to click on a single button take minimum 30s before any response from the device....

Am i alone to have this issue, or is it du to the hardware that is too old / not enough ram to run the new v3 app ??

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servers are up and running, please check if it is better now?

Maybe your Z-wave network or any other network has delays.



This is a general remark, as I have this since the upgrade to the v3 app.... even when the cloud servers are reachable.

To click on a button of the interface, before having an output, (not an action that required z-network, just to show a virtual device for exemple) take up to 1 min....

It s almost unusable..... but command from google home or from my iphone is almost imediat, so cloud comm and z network action seems to work fine....

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