V3 vs the old platform on Zipatile 1

Ste Ra shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer

I live in nightmare after the migration to V3.

I am sure the support guys are also piss off with me and my tickets as well. But no solution yet. I am offline again.

What the difference between V3 and the old platform operational wise besides the new app and way of working with the system? Any other "benefits"? Actually i become pro with the new app doing factory reset twice per day and I can't say it is better than the old one, but this is a matter of personal perception.

My expectation was that the service will be more reliable because i suspected that V2 is not actively supported anymore but the reality turned out quite different.

I am considering back to the old platform again. I did this once before but the reason was Alexa not working with virtual devices which is nothing compared to be offline 70% of the time.

What are the benefits of using V3 compared to V2?


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I hate this zipatile, I wasted my money to no avail.

the support is never able to resolve definitively any issue.

now due to this stupid tablet i have not been able to use the heaters in my house for a few days after the firmware update.

what a mess of balls !.


The app is slow...........................


The problems of V2 are not solved in V3!

A lot of work to convert everything no benefits at all

At least i don't see them


Due to this well known "issue", or feature to remove the oldest customer in my opinion... I have finished my transition to Home Assistant, and will leave this Zipato and issue on Device offline every 2 weeks behind me.....

I used now the Zipatile as a (poor and unsecure) android device to display my new platform.

Well, so sad to see how they handled this whole system.. I guess that the economic model is not profitable anymore....

Bye bye you all.....

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