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Granular alarm configuration

Viktor shared this question 2 years ago


Is there any way to granularly configure the which event should trigger a phone/push/etc alarm?

Like I certainly want all notifications to work when the alarm is tripped, but I only want push/SMS but no phone call if the controller is offline.



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you can choose which notification you get in your alarm partition under notifications, in rules using the send message puzzle and in system config using the system alerts.

You basically have 3 places where you can choose which notification to get and how.


Hi Mario,

At Alarm partition notifications I can only see who gets SMS, email, push, or voice. I'd like to go one level deeper: when the controller is offline I don't want voice but only push, SMS, and email. When the partition is tripped I want voice too. I don't see an option for such setting.

Rule creator is not an option I believe since I want to make an exception but receive everything else, I think with the rile creator I need to implement all notifications manually.

At system settings I don't see any notification configuration.

Can you please guide me where exactly do you suggest making this exception?

Thanks very much!

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