Turning off a ZipaMicro

Igor shared this question 54 days ago

1) Is there a way to correctly shut down a batteryless ZipaMicro without risking to damage data on the SD card?

2) Is there a way to shut down a ZipaMicro with battery installed, without waiting for battery depletion or opening it and putting a piece of paper between the battery and holder terminals?

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To answer your questions:

1) Since the controller has no power switch, only by unplugging the power cable can you shut it down.

2) There isn't another way to do this.



However, I can see a small button under the microUSB connector, but its only function (if I didn't miss something) seems to be just rebooting the box (both with installed battery and without one). Or should I keep it pressed longer (10 seconds, 20, 30..?) or maybe double press it for some other action?

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