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Change dimmer with a lower value than 10 when using "Handling - Increase/decrease" in a rule.

FLKH shared this problem 2 years ago


I have a rule with a repeat function that uses handling and a increase or decrease value for a dimmer. I have set the value to 4. The rule work except that every change is 10. So the dimmer starts with 1%, then goes up to 11, then 21 and so on. I have tried changing the number but everything lower then 10% ends up with a change of 10%.

Any ideas?

Regards// FLKH

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You can submit a ticket so we can have a closer look but this is most likely the dimming behavior of the device itself, in other words the default dimming step that cant be changed.

Check the user manual of that device because maybe there's a possibility the dimming step can be changed via a Zwave configuration parameter ( if it is a Zwave device).



Thanks. I solved it by replacing the dimmer with a virtual meter in the rule. Then I added another rule that change the dimmer to the value of the virtual meter each time the virtual meter change. Now the change is done by lower increments than 10.

Regards// LH

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