MultiServerSystem: How to Move devices from Slave to Master ?

Robert Hercz shared this question 2 years ago

Is there a way to move Z-wave devices registered to Slave servers in a MultiServer system from one slave server to another or from a slave server to a master server, without breaking rules etc which use the devices?

(System consisting of ZipaBox2 as Master, with ZipaTile1 and ZipaBox1 as slave servers)

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I don´t think so. The devices are linked to that controller where they are included. So, if you want to move them from one slave to another you have to exclude from the one and to include to the other. Of course affecting your rules.



There isn't any special way to move devices paired to one controller over to another. What you would need to do to move a device from a Slave server onto a Master server is unpair the device from the present server and, initiating a new inclusion from the desired server, connect it once more.

I hope this helps.

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