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Virtual meter web request

Pekka Rintanen shared this idea 2 years ago
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I have used Apilio Logicblocks and IFTTT Webhooks to make a web request to URL of Zipabox Virtual meter to set the variable 'VALUE1' to 1 at sunset and -rise. Virtual meter turns on and off some lights.

The method no longer works now when I use Zipabox 2. IFTT applet fails, action failure message: "Your server returned a 405. Unable to make web request to"

Is the URL invalid? Where can I find the right address? Or do I have to buy some upgrade to make web requests work? I have submitted a ticket to Zipato but I have not got an answer.

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Answer to the ticket: "Regarding the incorrect URLs. We are working on a fix for it. BR"


The error is apparently now fixed. Thanks!


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