Zipato V3 huge delay with Alexa

Ste Ra shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer

Someone else to experience huge delay when asking Alexa to trigger Zipato action? With V2 it was almost immediately! Now I have lag of 3-4 sec even more. Sometime even Alexa says device is not responding. Alexa integration become useless!

Any advice or workaround?

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Have the same problem. Sometimes immediate respond sometimes Alexa says sorry the device does not respond right in the moment when e.g. the light changes.

In addition I am not able to get Fibaro roller shutters to be found by Alexa. Fibaro switches and dimmers had the same problem at the beginning, meanwhile they are found and triggered with the a.m. problems


This is one of the reasons why it is too early to move to V3, they want us to move to a beta platform. Please Zipato correct me if I'm wrong


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