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Nexa MWMR-2300 433 Mhz On/Off switch

Krister Hansson shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I have recently bought two of the Nexa 433 Mhz On/Off switch MWMR-2300,

and my Zipabox2 cannot trigger them.

I have several other Nexa switches of different types, and they all work verry well in my system.

They react immediately on Add new Device, and then turn On/Off etcetera …

Trying ordinary troubleshooting, like move to short distance to the Zipabox2,

delete the device and add it again, trying to add it as another of the Nexa type devices,

restart the box and so on, does not make the MWMR-2300 to listen.

There is no fault of the MWMR-2300 itself,

it triggers perfect to all kinds of ORDINARY NEXA TRANSMITTERS.

I wonder if Nexa recently has change something in the protocol of the receiver inside the MWMR-2300, making it to demand for something special, which is not present in the signal from the Zipabox2.

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