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General Settings of Zipabox2 not changeable

Cameron S. shared this question 2 years ago
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Hello zipato support team,

i have installed a Zipabox2 Server and would like to change its general settings (Wifi / Network).

Do i have to be in the same network (local) to be able to change these settings via the admin portal? At the moment the settings page is grey and i am not able to change anything. (See attched file).

If I use the Mobile App there are no possibillities to change Wifi-Settings. Yet i can chage some settings (Name etc).

As i am ready to connect the Server via ethernet to my local network (via DHCP), do i need to change the Wifi settings (to Off)? What do the settings 'Wifi Default' , 'Wifi requierd' , 'Ethernet requierd' change on the system?

The Server will be operated on a VLAN. Will the system recognize, that my Mobile/PC is in the local network, even if it's in a different VLAN/Wifi-Network, within the local network? Do I need to regard the any firewall settings, so that i can access the servers settings localy?

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