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Impossible to synchronize with server

Vinceje shared this idea 2 years ago
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Since last Friday May 6th, impossible for me to synchronyze

At the begining, the box was not connected to the server (green light blinking). Now the green light is fixed

I've restarted several times the box and it's still not able to synchronize rules. And till now no rules are working from my side.

Note : I'm currently using V2 with last version 1.2.41.

When this server sync issue will be fixed ?

And is there a way to have the box working in local, independently from the server ?

This would be very useful in case the Server is not available for synchronization : able to continue using the rules even if the Server is not available.


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Hi All,

I'm still facing the sync issue with the server.

What's happening exactly ?

Is there someone else who is blocked as me ?

Thanks to give your feedback.

@Support Team : Please tell us when this will be fixed. Thanks



After raising a Ticket to the Suport Team, the problem has been finally fixed.

Thanks Ivan for your support !

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