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Problem with video streaming from IP cameras and NVR

Patryk shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Hello, I have a problem with getting a stream from ip cameras and nvr. The NVR was added manually, I set the user, password and rstp links. The cameras have changed the resolution and encoding and I am still without a stream. Everything works in the VLC application, but not in Zipato. The cameras are bcs-p-415rwm.

My rstp links are

rtsp: // admin: ********@192.168.*.***: 554 / unicast / c4 / s2 / live for mjpg.

rtsp: // admin: ********@192.168.*.***: 554 / unicast / c4 / s1 / live for low quality.

rtsp: // admin: ********@192.168.*.***: 554 / unicast / c4 / s0 / live for high quality

Regards and I am asking for a quick reaction.

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