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Masterserver unreachable, offline

hans mol shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Noe for a couple of weeks my zipabox2 does not work anymore. Every command has as a result a failure of themaster server. So the box is useless now.

Support does not give a response or solution on my tickets about this.

Also i see a lot of errors in the app of box2. Devices recognized in the web ui and not working in the app.

Made the change from box 1 to box 2 but regret this very much..

Does anyone recognize this

I am forced to go to another controller now because months of disfunctioning is not amusing.

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Yes a good idea. I have 433, zigbee and zwave module.

Sounds nice but most zigbee devices can not be installed.

433 devices can be installed in the web ui but are gone in the app

Zwave same problem, lots of devices are missing or functions are missing.

In the mean time i found why the box crashes all the time (without the help of zipato, they give no answer)

I had added zipato to google home as it is supported. Now removed the association and problems are over.

The association with google is very bad bytheway. Devices are randomly added or not added. It is far from complete

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