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Giorgio shared this question 18 months ago
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Can I use Zipatile2 without Zipato app/software? Can I disable or delete the app and use the device as a regular tablet?

Should I root it or is there an easy way?

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If Zipato no longer has plans to continue the services and the development of new ways to add the new devices, such as, for example, the Zigbee from Tuya or Sonoff or even devices with Matter support, it would be interesting to run the Home Assistant directly on the Hardware from Zipatile.


Local control would be great, but i think it’s not going to be an option for a long time. Now, I use Zipatile only as a HA dashboard and for this very purpose Zipato app is not essential and rather a disadvantage


own conclusion. It has been a long time since there have been any positive updates from Zipato. Not even the website has updates. I have only seen problems and at most the correction of some of these bugs. And recently, on the site of the Zipato group, there is information that was sold to the company Smartrent.

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