Zipatiles2 offline?

Roberto Hiemstra shared this problem 19 months ago

Again problemen with zipatile2?

All my zipatiles2, my own and the customers are offline.

Please please please, prevent these problems!

This is not the first time and it happend to often the last months!

Solve the new problem a.s.a.p.!

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It seems to be solved, but why does this happen?

My WiFi is 100%, connections are good, zipatile1 is working perfect, why o why do these things occur?

Not just by me but also with the customers!



the same happens here, but I thöught it is due to a replacement of the internet provider. I changed the provider at Nov. 2 which fits with the date of your post. My quick and dirty solution was to set the ZipaTile 2 to restart if offline.

It would be fine, if I could get a short notice when your problem is solved. Then I will check if also my problem is gone ;-)


Hi Bernd,

It seems my problem is solved, I did not change my provider.

It suddenly it was all back again in my system.

I still wonder how this could happen and especilly why this happend!

I have the feeling that the cloud or any other divices at zipato are not 100% or it has been hacked.

When you look at all the topics, there are a lot which have nothing to do with Zipato, which tyres under a car, distance betweentwo cities etc, looks like something is wrong there!

I have already made a ticket for this, but haven't received an answer on the possible hack of the system.....

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