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Sándor shared this idea 18 months ago
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From 12/23/2022 The Zipato account linked units went offline on Google Home. I tried to renew the Google assistant token, but after click on the revoke button nothing changed. The status was still expired. After restart the wall mount unit the "master server unreachable" notification was visible for a short time. But this came up over and over again. I tried to renew the Zipato account connection in the Google Home app but after logged in a server error sql message come up.

Is anyone have this issue? Any idea how to solve it? (I already submitted a ticket to support team but no reply received yet)

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Token can be reset but I get an error when I'm adding zipato in google home. The system says zipato connected but at the moment the system try to find devices, it says that something went wrong..


I have the same issue, "Something went wrong. Try again". I created a ticket, now I'm waiting the solution from Zipato.

Did you get any feedback from Zipato?

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