Migration V2-V3

Gianit shared this idea 14 months ago
Under Consideration


I was using V2 but support strongly recommended me to migrate to V3.

I did following the guide, being conscious I would loose scenes.

I follower the guide:


Non, both android and online show me the controller, all the devices but I don’t see the rooms while on zipatile I can see rooms.

Moreover when I try to sync the zipatile, I obtain: “Box sincronization failed” and when do the update, I obtain “Something went wrong”

The strange is that zipatile continue to keep some of the old rules. I can manage the devices by the new android V3.

Last but not least, the zipato support promised me “When you migrate to V3 ask us to transfer licences you already bought.” but no reply to tickets. Someone knows how to contact them?


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