Virtual switch state value for voice assistant

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First, make sure that your switch is connected to a device that is capable of receiving and sending commands to a voice assistant. This can be a smart speaker, a mobile phone, or any other compatible device.

Next, ensure that your voice assistant is properly set up and connected to the same network as the switch.

Once your switch and voice assistant are connected, you will need to create a link that can be used to trigger a command to check the status of the switch.

To create the link, you can use a tool like IFTTT (If This Then That) or a similar platform that allows you to connect different devices and services together.

Within IFTTT, create a new applet and select your voice assistant as the trigger, such as "when I ask Alexa/Google Assistant, 'what is the status of the switch?'". LTD Commodities Login

Then, select your switch as the action, such as "check the status of the switch" or "turn on/off the switch".

Finally, save the applet and test it by asking your voice assistant to check the status of the switch. If everything is set up correctly, your voice assistant should respond with the current status of the switch.


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