Zipato issue: only red led is on when rebooting & offline

Guillaume Humeau shared this idea 13 months ago
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Hi owner of a zipato box V1 (ZBZWEUGV1), it has a recent issue:

Only red led (top) is on and not blinking.

Offline on the web app.

reset button pressed: button 1led becomes green and top one violet. reset button released: top led is red again, and nothing happens.

unplugging power source and/or changing for a new one does nothing.


I am out of idea

Help please!

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One red light indicates alarm is armed..?

Copy paste from zipato instructions:

Zipabox - LED indications

Zipabox can be in various states which can be determined by the following LED indication:
1. No lights – Zipabox is not connected to the power supply
2. Steady blue light (after short purple and yellow light) - Linux OS is loading
3. Blue light blinking - JAVA application is loading
4. Green light blinking - Zipabox initiates connecting to the Cloud Server and will stay in this state if the stable connection cannot be established
5. Steady green light - Zipabox has a stable connection to the Cloud Server
6. Red light - alarm is armed, it will change back to steady green light when alarm is disarmed
7. Flashing red light - alarm has been tripped

Note: If you do occasionally notice flashing/blinking green light for a few seconds on the Zipabox during the stable connection to the Cloud Server, please ignore this.


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double post

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