Security Module Probleme after V3

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I don't see all setting of security module after V3 update Z1 working and Z3 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 don't work.

I can't activate alarm and i don't see the button.

i have only bug and update is broken.. Stable > Beta doesn't change anything

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I understand that you're encountering some issues with your device after a recent V3 update, and it seems that certain security module settings are not working as expected. Additionally, it appears that you're unable to activate the alarm, and you're not seeing the button for it. It can be frustrating when updates don't seem to resolve the problems you're experiencing.

In such cases, I recommend the following steps to address the issue:

1. **Restart your Device:** Sometimes, a simple restart can help resolve minor glitches. Power off your device and then turn it back on.

2. **Check for Firmware Updates:** Ensure that your device's firmware is up-to-date. Manufacturers often release patches to fix bugs and improve stability. Check the manufacturer's website or support page for any available updates specific to your device model.

3. **Factory Reset (with Caution):** If the issue persists, you may consider performing a factory reset as a last resort. Please note that this will erase all data on your device, so be sure to back up important information first. You can usually find this option in the device's settings under "Reset" or "Backup & Reset."

4. **Contact Customer Support:** If the problem remains unresolved, it's best to reach out to the device's customer support or the manufacturer's technical support team. They can provide specific guidance and potentially escalate the issue if it's a known problem.

5. **Community Forums:** Sometimes, other users may have experienced similar issues and found solutions on community forums or online discussion boards related to your device. It's worth searching for your specific device model to see if there are any user-contributed solutions.

Remember to provide them with specific details about the problem you're facing, such as the make and model of your device, the version of the V3 update, and any error messages you may have encountered. This will help the support team or community members assist you more effectively.

I hope these steps help you resolve the issues you're facing with your device's security module and alarm activation.

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