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What are the offline capabilities of the zipabox?

Answered Leander R. Comments: 11 Reply 2 months ago by Henry S.
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What steps should I take when my Zipabox is offline?

Archived Bambam Comments: 4 Reply 6 years ago by Ivica D.
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Paramètre AUTO OFF "disable" impossible.

Solved LAURENT V. Comments: 9 Reply 8 years ago by LAURENT V.
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Buttons and Led's of the Zipabox

Archived zanfi Comments: 4 Reply 7 years ago by zanfi
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FTP Unavailable

Solved Lesly f. Comments: 7 Reply 6 years ago by Manuel
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[? Best Practice] Alarm configuration with Multisensor

Answered Lesly f. Comments: 3 Reply 7 years ago by Lesly f.
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My first days with a Zipabox

Archived SaintNick Comments: 8 Reply 7 years ago by Anjos
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