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ZipaBox+ ; a stand-alone ZipaBox with optional cloud monitoring

Koen shared this idea 10 years ago
Under Consideration

I (and I think a lot of people with me) would like to see a Zipabox+, the same thing as the Zipabox but with more horsepower and all software integrated. This way there is no dependency on the cloud and the complete system can be controlled and programmed without MyZipato. Maybe optionally you could use MyZipato for the monitoring feature but personally I would drop this feature in favor of cloud indepency.

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It wouldn't need to have more horsepower in my opinion. At least not my Zipatile. Just disconnect it and make it work on it's own. Unless you have a very complex ruleset, it will work. The upsides of this would certainly be:

- No dependencies on an external connection that might or might not be there.

- No dependence on the functioning of some cloud framework that suddenly can stop working/change function/etc...

I have now had sudden changes to functionality _twice_ in a few months now that broke my setup that did not involve a software update or any configuration changes on my device. I can only conclude that these problems originate from an outside source, probably changes to the Zipato cloud. This makes me, as an IT person, extremely uneasy. If this is not fixed soon I will switch devices at the earliest opportunity that I have where I can find a device with similar capabilities but without the cloud dependency. For the Zipatile this is difficult at the moment since it is a beautiful device, so for the moment it is still hanging on my wall, but I have advised several of my customers against it exactly for this reason...

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