Questions about the end-of-live of the V2 platform

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I received a message this weekend that the Zipato V2 platform is going offline at relatively short notice at the end of the month.

I had previously heard that official support had been discontinued some time after my purchase of the Zipabox system, but so far everything has been working fine, so I continued to use it.

I won't have time to look for and set up a new system in the hectic December, so I'm interested in the DETAILS of what will stop working in January and what will continue to work.

I'm also interested in whether I can/must change anything so that I don't have to freeze in January without heating control. If I understand correctly, it was written in an old support post that it will be possible to use some functions of the app without a web server with a direct connection to the Zipabox. Has this ever been implemented and if so, what exactly do I need to do?

Finally, the last question: Could anyone ever create a working new use for Zipabox hardware (that is still fully functional)?

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It's unfortunate to hear about the discontinuation of support for the Zipato V2 platform. Understanding what will cease to function and what might continue working can indeed help in planning for alternatives.

Regarding what will stop working in January, it's likely that the cloud-based features, including remote access, firmware updates, and potentially some app functionalities, might cease to operate. Devices or features reliant on the cloud server for communication might also be affected.

As for what might continue to work, local functionalities that don't rely on the cloud server might still be operational. This includes automation rules programmed within the Zipabox, as well as direct device-to-device communication that doesn't require the cloud. However, any features relying on remote access or external services provided by the platform may be affected.

Regarding the offline capabilities of the Zipabox mentioned in the old support post, it's essential to confirm if these features were ever implemented via firmware updates or changes after that post was made. Sometimes, promised features might not have been rolled out, so it's crucial to verify the current status with the latest firmware and software versions available for your Zipabox.


Concerning the old device like Zipato V1, it is a joke !

There is no solution to continue to have our system working... We have to trash our device to buy another in full rate price ! It is unacceptable ! Really...


How much does it cost to maintain the cloud service as it is?

Should the zipato1 circuit and so many hours of work be thrown away?

Please: Can anyone recommend a home automation controller with the possibility of scripting programs (not from the
uncertain Zipato brand)?


Zipato company knew that, and choose an architecture cloud based with the related cost...

Today, their first customers are totally forsaken without providing any solution. For my part I bought this Zipato v1 in 2017, it is not so far...!

Fortunately there is some real brands which provides some solution without cloud (no future trash device) with the possibility of scripting like Fibaro.


Home Assistant, not doubt


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