Connectivity Conundrums: Any Tips for Resolving Zigbee Range Issues

Ahtisham Ali shared this idea 5 months ago
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Hello Zipato Community!

I hope everyone is enjoying their smart home journey with Zipato.

Recently, I've come to know about some Zigbee devices struggling with connectivity in certain areas of my home. Have any of you experienced Zigbee range issues, and if so, how did you go about resolving them? I'm particularly interested in any tips or tricks you might have to extend Zigbee coverage effectively.

Let's pool our collective wisdom and help each other troubleshoot these connectivity conundrums. Looking forward to hearing your experiences and solutions!


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Zigbee is a popular wireless communication protocol used in various smart home devices, including smart bulbs, sensors, and switches. While Zigbee offers many advantages, such as low power consumption and mesh networking, users may encounter range issues that affect device connectivity. Here are some tips for resolving Zigbee range issues and improving connectivity to the Maine Coon Cat

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