Zipato Reboot

Jernej Roblek shared this idea 47 days ago
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My Zipato tablet Zipatile 2 is rebooting all the time. It has WiFi internet connection, but it still reboots every few minutes. It just cycles, it looks like OS or hardware (memory) problem, becuase apps are not even loaded before it goes to reboot again. Looks like it doesn't have connection to Zipato Cloud. Sometimes is even OK for few days without any reason, but most of the time it cycle reboots. Even if I check "Cloudless" checkbox in Settings, Zipato reboots and this checkbox is disabled after reboot. The described problem is with me for more than 3 years and this is my last request for support before throwing it in the trash.

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Please submit a ticket (not idea or something public)with full info and serial number.



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