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Access to Security Module which is set to invisible in Device Browser

Bernd shared this question 7 years ago

Working on the Settings for the Intruder Alarm on the ZipaTile I made a mistake. I switched the setting for "Hide in browser" to YES and "Show as device" to NO.

The consequence is, that I see the Intruder Alarm as a device in the Device Manager but when I try to access the settings to change back to "Show as device" YES I get nothing - means a blank Settings site. No possibility to set anything.

This is the same directly on the ZipaTile as well as in the Control Center on the PC.

How to get back access?

Perhaps I should note that I am working with a Cluster including a ZipaBox and a ZipaTile.

Thanks for help


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I would suggest to use the API. find the virtual Alarm under alarm ->


/alarm/partitions list partitionsThen copy the UUID of the alarm you hidden (identify it by the name) and use the call


/alarm/partitions/{partition}/config get partition configuration

See if the row in the response is

"hidden": true,

Mine is false. If it is true, change it to false by using the call


/alarm/partitions/{partition}/config update partition configurationwhere you insert the same UUID and in the p_config field you paste the whole text you received in the previous call and change the

"hidden": true, to

"hidden": false,


You are awesome, I had the same issue and opened a ticket since two weeks ago without any useful response from Zipato. They still need to address the issue, web app would have to allow to make the security partitions visible again. Thanks a lot!!!


Attila you are my hero !!!!

Thank you so much that was the solution



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