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activate light if camera detects movement

Christian Sedlak shared this question 4 years ago

Hello everybody, I'm just asking myself if it is possible to activate a light or any other action if the security camera detects a movement.

If it works, how could a rule look like?

Thank you for your support.

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It is definitely possible to have Zipabox turn on lights when a camera detects motion.

How complicated it is to achieve this, depends on the camera :-)

Some cameras can trigger a n/c or n/o relay on the camera itself when the camera detects motion. Other cameras can call a URL. Some can send a mail. Many cameras don't have any motion detect system in their firmware and rely on external server systems to detect changes between pictures (movement).

Why not just use an IR motion detector? Is the area the camera covers so far away that a motion detector won't work?





As mentioned, some cameras have firmware which can detect motion; some better than others. How they handle the detected motion, is also different. The following link shows the documentation of a cheap, old, and now discontinued, Axis M1031-W, which I include to demonstrate an example:

The camera CAN detect motion, but it can only send e-mail or trigger an onboard relay when motion is detected. For this camera to be integrated with Zipabox, you either need the Zipato Security Module or a Fibaro Generic Sensor; both will allow you to trap the events and create rules.

If you really want to use a camera to detect movement, I suggest you look for a camera which can do a HTTP request when movement is detected. This would let you integrate with the Zipabox directly and without extra cost or extra hardware.

(Given that it's always best to use the "KISS" approach, I use this very same very old camera to capture movement: I have solved this by using a Z-wave sensor which, when triggered, saves a picture from the camera to the cloud).


Brgds Robert


Hi Robert,

I undersatnd your comment, unfortunately my DLINK cams do not have the option to send a HTTP request to indicate a motion detected, only able to send email, record to a NAS or FTP the video of the event..

Any idea to create a rule using the email received ?

Thanks in advance