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Alarm tripped, stopped ringing by itself after few seconds

Carlo shared this problem 4 years ago

Good morning, yesterday I had a bad experience with alarm and I want to share this with the community to search advise in similar experience and workarounds.

Yesterday, at 16:55 I had a perimeter breach while Alarm was armed but unfortunately the siren started and stopped in less than a minute leaving the house completely unprotected and not warning anyone in the neighborhood about the thieves.

Looking at events log was the zipabox itself that stopped the siren (see the "ringing" true/false at 16:55 in the screenshot) after the tripped event.

Anyone has experienced something like this before (and if yes how do you resolved it)?

I was very shocked by this unexpected behavior as it left my house completely unprotected.

At present I'm waiting an answer from the support, but any hint from the community is welcome.

I reopened the topic as i classified it as "thanks" by mistake.

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in options of alarm you can detemine the duration of the siren. It is a standard of 50 sec. You can change this.


Thanks Acteck.

My alarm configuration is in place from July 2017, with "siren time" set to 0 (that was supposed to mean unlimited siren).

I tested the configuration multiple times in the past and it always worked (siren starts and never stop till manual reset).

Yesterday, with a true breach, it didn't work.

If this configuration parameter has changed its behavior (maybe due to a firmware upgrade?) I'd have preferred to know in advance (i.e. release notes?) to correctly change the configuration instead of leaving the house unprotected...

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to make a deep test.

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