Any interest for the Sunricher glass touch inputs?

Takstein shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


I have been in contact with support and they have promised to add support for the Sunricher units if there is enough interest. Vote if you'd like them supported!

I have bought two of these like the look and quality of them. The only problem is that the scene input function on them does not work with Zipatile. Associations is working fine.



I have a couple of Sunricher input controllers. I've managed to get them included in to the Zipatile, but the type comes up as unknown. (Probably a missing mapping only?).

See link for info on Sunricher:

I've used assosciations to control other dimmers, this is working fine. But i do not know how to get the scene inputs working in the Zipatile. Any suggestions?

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Have you tried the RGBW conroller ?


If you get enough interest? Dont believe that. You can look at numerous other threads here that had interests and never got implemented. You need to send them one of these switches and wait.................

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