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ArmAway status check fails in Rule Creator.

Olivier Legros shared this problem 6 years ago

I have a rule that tests ArmAway = Away.

It works as long as I don't trigger ArmHome. Once I have triggered ArmHome, next time I trigger ArmAway, the test will fail, until I reboot the zipabox. Can someone confirm/have a look ?


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Just see if I understood correctly, if you reboot your zipatile this rule works until you ARM HOME and then DISARM?, in order to make it work again you need to reboot again? Weird, I think this is a case for Zipato Support.

One question, Why are you using the IF ARM event and then ARM AWAY meter, wouldn't be easier to only use IF ARM AWAY meter? I have rules that test also ARM/DISARM conditions straight from the meters and they work fine.


Hi Alberto,

No. Rule works as long as I only use arm away/disarm. I have been using it for months. It's as soon as I use arm home/disarm that when I use arm away again it fails. I have tested again with

If arm

if arm away = away

send message away


if arm home = home

send message home


send message bug




And I start receiving the bug message...

As for the use of when arm any, it's because I like to avoid to create too many rules. This rule is actually doing arming, with separate actions for arming away and arming home, and also doing disarming. I can also benefit of join so that my arming actions get interrupted if I disarm straight away.

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