Battery li-on backup module

Andre shared this question 11 months ago


It seem that my battery pack 7.4V 3300mAh 24.5wh is dead. Somebody or Zipato team can help me where to find this part ?

Thanks for your help

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What is the battery used for? Can you be a bit more concrete about the information, which manufacturer and for what purpose is the battery? Maybe some picture upload ...

From this information I can conclude only that it is a 2s battery, 2x3.7V connected in series with a capacity of 3300mAh ..

I also need information about the cell type. (cylindrical, pouch, button or prismatic cell)


Hi John

It is the battery which is included in the Zipato backup module (see photo). Mine wa inflated and the charge was not done properly. Yes it is a 2S battery (2x3.7V in series) with a protection circuit (see other photo). Each 3.7V élement is made with four 800mAh lipo akkus.

I found Lipo battery 2000mAH on Amazon (respecting the dimensions) but I don't know if the protection circuit is present because all is hidden by a protective enveloppe.



Alright. These batteries look bad and definitely have to replace them ...

The protection circuit on new batteries can be removed if you have a tool .. (solder)

Likewise, if you change batteries, that tool will need you, so I move from the assumption that you have it.

I also need more information about the cell battery, model or number on the cell. Check that number and maximum current of one cell (google). When you know all that information, you buy the best cell that is the same or better according to the specifications (the minimum current must be the same as the old battery).

When all of this you get solder them properly in series and parallel, and connect to bms of zipabox to the appropriate lead.

I recommend uploading more pictures and details so I can help you more. I'm also interested in how the bms look in the module.

let us know how the project is progressing;)