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Bticino ZigBee Controls with Zipato?

Alberto Macias shared this question 8 years ago
Need Answer

I have been looking for good looking wireless controls to integrate with Zipato (which can be in the wall as a regular switch) but to be honest most of them are kinda ugly and/or not sold in my country. Doing some research I found that the brand of switches I have at home have two product lines that have some wireless controls that would go perfect with the rest of my home, I happen to have a zigbee zipabox module so I wonder, What information do I have to provide to Zipato to confirm that I could use these modules with my home automation system? Has anyone done this before?

I have attached a few files so you guys can see. I would really appreciate some feedback from Zipato.

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Dear Alberto,

you can send us ticket on and send us your full device name and we will check if we have support added for that device.



Thanks for your answer I will search for all information I can get. Will contact Bticino support and create the ticket with the information. I haven't purchased the devices for the same reason but I'm really interested on them. Thanks.

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