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Cameras on rules - improvement proposal for video safety on Zipatile

Pablo shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration


If someone likes the idea, please vote! :)



I would like to make a proposal to increase the applications or options for using the ip cameras with Zipatile.

It is just to add an option on the rules for the cameras for opening the video stream (SD or HD, doesn't matter at this point) and showing it on the Zipatile screen.

With this option we could build rules such us: if something happens, switch ON the screen and show me that ip camera stream: this way I could see what is happening (even make a sound for me to notice it if not in front of the Tile, for example).

I believe all the features are already there, as you can open the stream by clicking on the screen and it works. This is just to automate it. Something like this:


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I like it, vote +1.

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