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Can anyone provide clarity on "PRO Bundle" ?

Marcus Khoo shared this question 5 years ago
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The text describing what you get with a PRO Bundle currently is:

PRO bundle includes the complete set of applications for your system. Applications included are as follows:

+ 1 x Smart alarm PRO

+ 1x Virtual Thermostat PRO

+ Multi-server (cluster) option

+ Rule creator PRO

+ Unlimited bands

Ignoring the typo on the line for "Virtual Thermostat PRO" which I have faithfully reproduced above, this text implies that, after purchasing, you get the ability to create ONE "Smart alarm PRO" and create ONE "Virtual Thermostat PRO. Is this correct? Or does it mean that you can create unlimited number of "Smart alarm PRO"s and an unlimited number of "Virtual Thermostat PRO"s? If so, shouldn't the text be modified to eliminate ambiguity?


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Hi Marcus,

The PRO bundle let you add just 1x Smart alarm PRO and 1x Virtual Thermostat PRO, not an unlimited number. I know that the Zipatile comes by default with 4x Smart alarm PRO. The amount of default Virtual Thermostat PRO I can't tell for sure but I think only 1.

Cheers, Alexander

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