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Can Zipato make SmartLightSwitch (=mini Zipatile)

Robert Hercz shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Zipato has made the Zipatile, which is in essence a wonderful hardware extended Android pad.

What we are missing, is a smart "light switch" with the form factor of e.g. a Samsung S7, but with connecting leads on the back instead of underneath (i.e. a special production). The device should be Wifi only, capable of running only one app; the switch. The app should have the possibility to display a floor plan, with rooms lit/unlit, and activity monitor wherever relevant.

Should cost in the EUR150-250 range.

An industrial designer in Taiwan came up with the basic idea a few years ago, but afaik it never got manufactured.

Perhaps this could be a very unique Zipato product?

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This could "simply" be done as an android or iOS App...

We could imagine (based on the web link you shared) a view in My Zipato app with your floorplan and a list of actions when you select a room...


Robin, This could, as you say, easily be solved using any kind of smartphone. I am, however, not looking for "a fix" but a proper mass market product. It would need to be designed for this purpose.

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