Cant Arm or Disarm ZT2 from main Panel

Jcamp7602 shared this idea 5 months ago

I have submitted a ticket 32 days ago and am told the engineers are working on it. I can not Arm or Disarm the alarm from the Zipatile 2 at all. I can do both remotely. This is a major problem and I am having a hard time understanding why it takes over a month to resolve a main family cant even disarm or arm if I am not there.

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your ZipaTile2 doesn't have permission to arm/disarm alarm by default.

You have to do following:

1. Add permissions to ZipaTile2 user (@followme) to control alarm. By default it has Basic user and you need to change it to Tenant alarm at least (or Master if you need to have fully control on ZipaTile2)

2. Add @followme user to alarm partition. Under alarm zone settings, add user

3. Add permissions to @followme user under alarm partition

After that you will be able to arm/ disarm alarm on ZipaTile2.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us.



Thanks for the reply. The above has been done countless times. This issue is over 30 days old and developers have been working on. I updated this morning as they asked and it STILL DOESNT WORK.


This is NOT Completed. It is still broken.