Cant update firmware!

Martin De Molade Høwisch shared this problem 8 years ago

It asked me to update! Pressed YES and i just keeps flashing.

1. Run - > flashing +15 mins

Reset power - and box started at the 7b firmware and. Than login and it said update firmware, and the same thing happens.

2. Try is now +15 mins into flashing still blinking. ?

Why wont it update?

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Dear Martin,

It seems that your box got stuck during the firmware upgrade in part where it needs to download the new firmware version. In this situation you can try unplug your controller from the power supply and leave that for a minute. This will forced the firmware upgrade to start form the beginning.

Please let us now if the issue persist.

Best regards,



I made a hardware reset, and it all worked out fine! :)


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