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Can't use Zigbee Motion Sensor ?

Abdalrahman Hassanine shared this question 8 years ago
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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use CardAccess Wireless motion sensor (model : WMS10-2)

which uses Zigbee protocol

1- I pluged zigbee module to zipabox

2- I add a new zigbee device in the control center

3- the device was found and added

but when I check the sensor in the device browser, it always gives the following state:



the state doesn't change even when the device's LED indecates that a motion is detected

moreover, the sensor is not included in the devices in the rule creator

is there a way to fix this problem?

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Yes, there is a way. The thing is that the device is not fully supported yet. I need to write a device descriptor for that sprcific model and after that, hopefully, all will be fine. For that I need to connect remotely to your Zipabox and gather some data.

What you should do is to raise a ticket to Zipato support, explain the problem and send the serial number of the box. Leave the box online and the device as it is - joined with the box


Hi Željko!

I´m having the same issue here, do you know if a support ticket was opened and the problem was resolved?

Best regards Søren


thanks for your answer,

but do I have to do this each time I want to add a zigbee device?


and how to know the supported device?


The thing is that most of Zigbee devices can work with the box. If the device joins with the box (device foud and added), it usually is a minor issue for me to give full support to the device.

So if you have any Zigbee device that joins, but you have no control over it, you should contact support and in most of the cases, your device will be fully supported in a short time period.


contact support, Zelkjo will have to look at it and intergrate it fully remotely and manually

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