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Eyal Zarchi shared this question 8 years ago


is it possible to set a rule that its action is to capture an image of an IP camera and email it?

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Dear Eyal,

Yes of course, it is very easy you just have to insert action block "Send Message" and under Configure>Insert attachment> choice from which camera you want to send the image.

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Hi Eyal,

Allow me to add little more detail to Pero's answer.

While creating rules if you want to trigger snapshot function then just follow these 3 steps:

  • add "Action" puzzle under Rule creator->Blocks->Action to your rule,
  • drag camera puzzle from Rule Creator->Devices->Cameras and drop it into action puzzle,
  • choose snapshot under "select action" drop-down menu.

All snapshots are stored on Zipato FTP servers and you can do with them multiple things. For example one of the things you can do with the image uploaded on FTP server is send it to mail:

  • add "Send message" Action Block under Rule Creator,
  • select "insert attachment" and select camera.

This command will send last image stored on FTP server. If you repeat this puzzle 4 times then you will get last 4 images from FTP server. This information should get you started and if you see how we can improve or add something, let us know.

Best regards,

Zipato Team


Hello, i seem to have missed this thread when i created my own, so i was redirected here.

Any way.. I've added the Rule:


The 'Deurbeller' is a virtual switch for testing purposes.

When i flip the 'deurbeller' switch, i receive in email, however without my snapshot in it. I've configured the 'Send Message' as follows (notice the attachment)


Since the snapshot is absent, i figured it might be a problem with the 'snapshot' url in the camera. However, if i put that url in a browser, i get a snapshot.

Any idea's on what i am doing wrong?

(the camera files manager remains empty)


Hi nickyb2,

Do you see snapshot in your snapshot list under "Device Manager->Cameras", File manager icon?

If you changed FTP setting then just removing->Re-sync->Add camera will create new FTP folder and then you can test the rule to take snapshot, basically check if snapshot gets on ftp server by checking list of snapshot images under cameras in device menu. And then return to this puzzle with send message to test this rule again.

Best regards,

Zipato team



Nope. The file manager remains empty of snapshots.

I've now taken the following steps.

  1. removed the camera from zipato.
  2. added the camera to zipato, i've filled in the admin sections (username and password), the mpeg stream and snapshot stream paths. The rest i leave either empty or to the defaults.
  3. Synchronized

A few things i have now noticed. Nothing works, except the local mpeg feed. However, after a few minutes the remote feed started to work and the snapshot also started to work.

more.. the device manager camera icon never showed my an image, it does so now.

When i click the little camera icon to take a snapshot, my file manager shows the snapshot.

Step 4: i've updated my rule to include the new camera.

Step 5: sync my rules.

Step 6: i've received an email with a snapshot.

So.. hurray, it works.

Thanks you very much for your time and help.



Zipato Team


This morning i want to tune it a bit and i've noticed that it has stopped working. Or better said, it does send the message just not with a snapshot attached or with an older snapshot.

I've noticed that it takes a little bit of time for the snapshot to be available for the message, so you might need to add a wait block to wait a few seconds between the take snapshot and send message blocks.

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