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Changing from Zipabox to ZipaTile

derJan shared this question 4 years ago


I used the Zipabox1 for many years and I´m an old Betatester with unlimited full rights.

I´m with Zipato since version 0.6 :) It was a very hard time.

If I´ll change to Zipatile, do I still have the same unlimited rights? (brands limit -1)

Can I copy my rules to Zipatile? Or can I use both boxes and will them work together in one rule, maybe? Light bulb from Zipabox and switch from Zipatile?

Many Greeting and thanks for your work,


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You could join them together in a cluster.


it looks as if zipato does not support the change.

There used to be really good support.

I would like to choose between zipatile and homey in the next few days ...



it is not possible to copy rules from ZipaBox1 to Zipatile because backup and restore is possible between controllers of the same type.

If you change your controller, you will not keep the same unlimited brands rights but if you need it for some reasons,please open a ticket where you will explain your reasons for keeping unlimited brands rights and our Support team will consider it.

If you decide to change controller and transfer your system to v3 platform, you can use both controllers at the same time in Master/ salve configuration but in that case Zipatile2 is better option.

If you have any needs for assistance, feel free to submit a ticket and our Support team will support you to solve any issue.

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