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CoCo AWST-8800 - rule problem

Oliver Schwab shared this question 9 years ago
Need Answer

Hi there,

finally I have purchsed a CoCo AWST-8800 switch which I could connect to the Zipabox without any problems. I would like to use this switch to controll my roller shutter. To open it by "on" and closing it by "off" is no problem, but of course I would also like to be able to stop it at any time at any desired position by hitting the buttons again. Unfortunately I have no clue how to do so although I have tried a lot of different rule options.

Any idea how to stop the shutters by another button hit or a double hit is highly appreciated.

By the way - is anyone using the double switch Coco AWST-8802 in combination with the Zipabox?



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