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CoCo to Home Easy protocol convertor

John Rabbit shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi there. I have in my garden plenty of HE EU devices. They worked perfectly with a HE remote. Unfortunately the Zipabox do not support this protocol. With Xmas coming and many lights to switch i was looking for a solution, so that i can switch on/off these devices automatically. Yesterday i found a solution for this problem. As the box is supporting the Coco protocol, why not make a protocol convertor. Coco in and HE EU out. So i took an arduino UNO board (€ 3,-) with a RX and TX module (€ 1,-). Prices are from Alibaba or DealXtreme. Combined some scripts (see attachment) and there it was. It is certainly not perfect. It repeats every Coco signal and the coding is quick and very very much dirty. But it works. However no guarantees. 1 Tip: place the repeater close to the box (few meter) because the receiver is not that sensitive and fix an antenna to the TX-mdule.

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