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Zigbee extension as router

Archived John R. 2 years ago General No Comments

Fully supported Zigbee devices

Archived John R. 3 years ago Compatibility No Comments

CoCo to Home Easy protocol convertor

Archived John R. 6 years ago General No Comments

Reporting tool

Archived John R. Comments: 1 Reply 7 years ago by Lars

Add possibility to rollback firmware update

Archived John R. 7 years ago No Comments

Value of variable

Archived John R. Comments: 11 Reply 5 years ago by 0649a50f62

Supported Cameras

Archived John R. Comments: 4 Reply 6 years ago by Erik M.

Support HomeEasy / Elro protocol, Elro devices

Archived John R. Comments: 5 Reply 9 years ago by John R.