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Endpoint hidden in the Light & power Panel but not in the rules creator

John Rabbit shared this idea 9 years ago
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I like to have an Endpoint that i can hide from the Light & power Panel but not for the rules creator. Why?

I give you an example:

I have a virtual switch that shuts down the operating server of a server and after that its shuts down the physical switch (a rule is attached to this virtual switch).

That is the way to do it.

However I can't hide the physical switch from te panel. Because when I do that the switch is also not visable in the rules creator.

Maybe I am doing this wrong, but I do not think so.


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i got same problem with a virtual http sensor i would hidde from sensor Dashboard but need to use it int the rules. Ans if i hidde it in configuration from device; it disapear from rules too !!

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