Combining Danfoss with Secure Actuator

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I would like to install an intelligent heating system combining an actuator (Secure SSR303) with an SRT321 thermostat in the living room and 2 supplemental thermostat sensors (SES301) in the bathroom and our bedrooms Those rooms should then also be be equipped with Danfoss LC13 thermostats. The other radiators should keep the manual radiator thermostats

My idea is to regulate most of my rooms with the standard manual radiator thermostats based upon the temperature measured in my living room and that at specific times (morning and evening) the bedrooms and the bathroom will be heated to a higher temperature,

Can I use multiple Thermostat sensors with the actuator as I read somewhere that I can only use 2 (or was it 3) thermostats with this actuator?

Can I use the Danfoss LC13 together with an actuator like in my project as I do not want to change all my radiator thermostats (22 in total)?

I would then have to create 3 smart thermostats (living/bath/bed) with the sensor as Input and the Actuator as well as the Danfoss as Output ?

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with the virtual thermostat you can use as many LC31 as you want. As input you will need a thermometer like SES301 or better SRT321. For each "program" you will need an extra virtual thermostat. I use 3 of them (living room, kitchen, children). So I can configure every room indepently. So all your ideas are right.


Ok but do you use the Danfoss LC13 radiator thermostats in those rooms?


of course! I have 6 working

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